Welcome to the registration process of the Masternode Club Poolnode. The registration is free and without obligation. Just look around after signing up in the Backoffice.

In the next step, the following happens:

  • You decide to join Poolnode
  • Before making a deposit, you will go through the KYC process (identity card examination)
  • You can then deposit either via Bitcoin or Euro
  • After about 3 days, a cash receipt will be charged
  • After about 14 days, the first distributions begin at the Masternode pool
  • Twice a month, your Bitcoin will automatically be transferred to your wallet
  • After 180 days you decide whether you want your deposit back (according to its current value in the pool) or whether your Bitcoin continue to work for you.

  • We wish you a lot of fun with Poolnode.

    Your poolnode team

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