How often does PoolNode pay out?
We typically pay out every two weeks. If the cycle is interrupted, this may be due to a public holiday or weekends. We try to optimise our processes so that we can pay out as regularly as possible. If a payout takes a few days longer, don’t worry, nothing gets lost.

How long does an activation take?
It can take between 10 and 14 days from the deposit to the activation of your pool share.

How long does the membership last?
The membership last 365 days. After that lapses, the member (you) can have the percentage share of the pool paid out again. If a member does not wish this and PoolNode continues to operate the service, the service simply continues. After that, you can pay out daily.

How many employess does PoolNode have?
Our team now consists of 8 people. In some areas we still work together with external partners. In total, more than 15 people and companies work on PoolNode daily. We are always looking for new employees and partners and our team is growing.

Which earnings / returns / ROI can i expect?
In principle, anything between 0% and 100% is possible within one year. We do not want to commit to a specific value simply because it is impossible to do so in this area. A serious partner in this field runs a clean management and pays its members as often as possible. This is our objective and one we try to live up to every day.

Why PoolNode if i can run masternodes myself?
That is a perfectly justified objection. Anyone who wants to run their own masternodes should do so. However, we see an advantage in a pool of several hundred Bitcoin that allows for a diversification that is difficult for a single person to achieve.

Can i cancle my membership within 365 days?
No, unfortunately that is not possible. For this reason, you should be really sure about your decision before registering and making a deposit. A complete loss is always possible in this field. Please always consider this when making your decision.

My earnings are not arriving in the wallet - IMPORTANT!
You are 100% sure that you have entered the correct Bitcoin recipient address at PoolNode? A payout is displayed in the back office and you can see the payout on the blockchain as well? In this case, please check the minimum deposit amount with your wallet operator. Some operators have a minimum amount! We do not carry out a new payout or collection of the credit up to a minimum amount.

Why do my earnings fluctuate?
We generate different crypto currencies with our Masternode Pool. These are regularly sold for Bitcoin on several trading venues. Here the exchange rates of the coins, the bitcoins differ with almost every sale. An unchanging payout is therefore not possible.

How much of my deposited money / Bitcoin actually ends up in the pool?
100% of your deposit (after exchange transfer fees) will end up in our pool. Our business runs on taking a share of the profits from daily payouts. So we only earn if you earn, too. By the way, the same applies to our affiliate program, the commissions always refer to the current income and never to the amount paid in.

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